Sunday, 13 October 2013

Mud Mass

wow...jus realized this post was still in my drafts...posting a little 8 months late..bwhahaha!

"February 2013 -  The only monday's that trinis love is Carnival monday and the revelry of Jouvert madness.
Jouvert madness is a ritual for many. The thought of wearing anything outrageous, things you know will never be worn again. Ole shoes, buss up pants, jersey that has seen better days...well today is the last day, the passage of rights for these things.

This year, i decided to venture into this Jouvert thing. Heading for the first time into the borough of chaguanas. Living 10 minutes away is always a good thing."

13th Oct, 2013 - Addendum: My little cuz was in Trinidad this year. She spent the Carnival with us, and was my main motivation to attend Jouvert. It was great! I'm glad you enjoyed Lou :)


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