Friday, 25 January 2013

Weekend Rave

At some point in our lives, it is expected that we would say 'Thank god, it's Friday!' The saying is now synonymous with fridays in general and while for some folks, there is a Friday 'routine', this friday is not like normal most.

Today is the 25th Jan, 2013..and yes for some folks its payday. Today is actually the 2nd weekend, before Carnival 2013, here in Trinidad and Tobago. It means the celebrations are in full swing, and nightly there are a multitude of events to go to.

For me, it's an opportunity to get some outstanding things done. First on the list is some much needed housework to get started..notice i did not say complete. We all know house work never ends so why doubt the obvious right.

Then there is the usual stuff, groceries, mall walking and sleeping. Apart from that, there is the remaining office works left over from Friday. Wow, you know the time all of this is done, its monday again and that song comes to mind...'Manic monday's, wish it was Sunday...'

Enjoy the weekend folks!


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